Seven ways for SMEs to grow an Instagram following

Instagram following

(5) Use the whole toolbox

Instagram may have started as an image-sharing platform, but don’t be confined to this. These days, there’s a plethora of tools on Instagram that you can use to tell your story – think videos, GIFs, and Boomerangs.

Do what feels natural for your brand to keep your interactions authentic, your content creative and your story immersive when building an Instagram following

Instagram Stories are a brilliant way to do this, capturing all the smaller details of your brand, inside and out. Using this tool regularly is a fantastic way to increase engagement with your account and keep people interested in you.

You can monitor how many times your story has been viewed and who’s viewed it – which is a great way measure what posts are working better than others!

(6) Talk back 

Collaborations and cross-posting are a fantastic way for brands to bolster their online presence and grow the Instagram following, tapping into ready-made target audiences.

This is a mutually beneficial process that sees both accounts raise awareness, working particularly well in a boutique environment.

You might also consider this tactic with your customers; featuring customers is an increasingly valuable tool in promoting your brands merit.

Not only will this provide potential customers with authentic, positive feedback for your brand, but it also rewards fans for being fans and encourages future interactions.

(7) Be consistent

If you carry out all the above tips then you should start to see your Instagram following numbers pile up – however, you must be consistent. Don’t try and do everything all at once, and then nothing for a month. Regularity and consistency are key to growing an account’s Instagram following!

Eloise Emley is junior community manager at PHA Media


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