Shaken and stirred How to manage your career

(6) Stay informed

Ensure you read industry specific news and blogs. Engage in social media. Understand what is going on in your industry. Not only will this help you demonstrate your knowledge, it will also help you navigate your career and re-assess your goals. If your industry is moving in a certain direction, you can react quickly and seize opportunities.

(7) Keep connected

Networking is important. Maintain communication with past colleagues, mentors and industry influencers. These people will give you a broader or different perspective and invaluable advice. They can also be a useful source of career opportunities, most people find their next job via their network so make sure you build yours well.

(8) Build personal credibility

With the knowledge you gain, make certain that you share the best articles and express a point of view. Connect online with any influencers and engage within the industry community.

(9) Put yourself forward

As well as not being modest don’t be shy. Whenever an opportunity presents itself that is aligned with your goals, volunteer for the project/extra responsibility, even if you feel apprehensive or slightly scared by the challenge. Be certain people know what you can bring, the skills you want to learn and how it will benefit both parties. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone but don’t volunteer for just anything it has to be valuable for your career journey.

(10) Make it habit

Building all of this into your daily work regime, and separating out time to do what needs to be done, is important. Managing your career is a task that can easily get overlooked and forgotten about in the bustle of everyday activities, but if you invest a small amount of time in the process, it can benefit you immeasurably.

Of course, career planning is easier when you are worth a reported ?95m already and you have made tiny blue swimming shorts famous worldwide! It is true that sometimes conscious decisions have to be made in your career, or the best laid plans go awry and events overtake you. However, keeping a flexible plan at the forefront of your mind will help you develop your career in the direction you want and is more likely to allow you to reach your ultimate goal. Like Bond your dream job “has been expecting you

Zoe Bull is marketing manager of Working Transitions.

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