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Sharing ideas inspires innovation

And of course it isn’t just pictures that are brimming with information. Songs, videos, websites, infographics and even clothing. Everything we share forms a connection.

How long have people been exposed to written text Certainly a lot less than sound and vision. Looking and listening is a lot more natural than reading black and white text. You’re probably reading this now by speaking to yourself in your head, a method you developed by reading aloud as a child.

So if watching and listening is more natural than reading, why can reading a book be more appealing than watching a film of the same story in a fraction of the time Imagination.

The thought that books provoke is far more engaging than a film, regardless of the time it takes to read or watch. A film allows people to be a part of the story, whereas a book enables readers to create one of their own.

I came across Mark Ronsons inspiring Ted talk where he talks about music sampling and how todays artists can insert themselves into other artists work, be a part of it’s history and make it their own story. If someone can recreate, reuse or recycle a piece of art, the status of it has instantly increased as well as the strength of connection between the original creator and the reuser. Art enables viewers, listeners and engagers to decide how they relate to the content and speeds up communication once the recipient gets it .

Music is relatively easy to recycle other people’s work with editing software so readily available. But with painting and sculpture, unless you have proficient skills and equipment, you’re not going to get very far – even with software like Photoshop you would have to know how to use it. So how can people reuse other art forms Themes and ideas are easy to transfer, so could more focus be placed on these aspects of artwork to ensure an effective communication tool

Creating flexible artwork in the first place can again allow the audience to dictate the form of connection the piece creates between them and the artist. The variety of relationships art can create, in my opinion, significantly enhances it’s communication efficiency. There’s no doubt that the easier something is to understand the quicker we connect to it.

Throughout my education, art was often left isolated when the more academic subjects complemented each other. This is why business fascinates me. Combining your own methodologies and practices with tried and tested ideas allows business to be an artform of its own.

Bouncing off other successful ideas while adding your own ingredients can create a completely unique set of results like sampling an old tune. Businesses communicate their principles and character most efficiently, through their ideas and values people can relate to the quickest and easiest. This is never more apparent than when we see relationships develop through partnerships, staff get togethers and even with customers, displaying the core values of a business.

Charity events, exclusive offers and supporting staff get togethers, all brings together a set of values and displays achievements though, pictures text and videos which help us better connect to organisations.

I think it’s important to remember whenever you are creating, however far you get, showing your work and sharing your ideas always inspires innovation.

Harvey Jones is statistics and ideas man for



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