Name: Shed Simove

Age:?39 (mental age: 15, like all men)

Company: The Talent Shed?

Company turnover: Apple

First job:?16th-century gentleman working at Disney World, Florida. The experience changed my life and propelled me towards the entertainment industry.

Dream job:?Minister For Mischief and Supermodels ? new Cabinet post I?d like created.

Car:?Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Economy, business or first class: Diplomatic status

Most extravagant purchase: Globe artichokes by the dozen ? my favourite interactive food.

Most-played song on your iPod: “Funky Shit” by the Prodigy.

Best business book: Ideas Man, written by me (a must-read if you want to avoid huge mistakes and gain massive tips for success) and The Magic Of Thinking Big?by David Schwartz, which is massively inspiring.

Worst business moment: Ordering the second batch of my adult confectionery range, “Clitoris Allsorts”, and realising that the shipment hadn?t been refrigerated, so all the candy clitori had fused together. ?

Proudest business moment: Selling over a million novelty gifts worldwide and getting my book, What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, to number 44 on the Amazon chart. It?s totally and utterly blank inside.

Your business mentor: My creative, eccentric mum and my brilliantly entrepreneurial, charming dad.

Next big thing: I?ve got exciting new ideas coming out all the time…

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