Should customers be allowed to park on double yellow lines?

To the dismay of traffic wardens everywhere, the communities secretary Eric Pickles has proposed a plan to allow motorists to park for free on double yellow lines for a 15 minute “grace period.” 

We’ve all been tempted to do it from time to time when popping into a town centre shop so it’s easy to understand where Pickles is coming from. 

A source close to Pickles told the Telegraph: “The high street is in danger of shrinking or dying off, and over-aggressive parking enforcement is part of the reason why. 

“If people are worried about paying a fortune in parking fines, it will make them more likely to do their shop online or go to out-of-town shopping centres.”

But Peter Box, Chairman of the Local Government association’s transport and economy board said that the plans would be “costly and impractical to monitor.”

What do you think? Would relaxing the rules over double yellow lines help to support small businesses on the high street? Comment in the box below! 

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