Should the banks be split up?

Should the banks be split up” We pit private equity guru Jon Moulton against the voice of retail banking in Britain, Eric Leenders.

YES – Jon Moulton

What’s wrong with the banks” Simply put, the banking sector has just created the worst western recession since World War II. Our grandchildren will still be paying for the sins of the past few years.

The bankers did (and largely continue to) strike it rich, and it seems that some bankers will only work if they get paid a multiple of the total pay of a small manufacturing business… Continue reading Jon Moulton’s piece.

NO – Eric Leenders

In Britain, we have a history of building world-class industries.

Over the years, we have done this in steel, in mining, in shipping, in nuclear power, engineering, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and electronics and, of course, in financial services… Continue reading Eric Leenders piece.

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