Simple solutions for SMEs to survive summer business challenges

(2) Get your staff outside

Nobody looks forward to fighting with their colleagues over the air con temperature, especially when you consider that air conditioning itself can cause headaches, dry skin, illness and fatigue.

Help your staff avoid the summer colds by encouraging them to get outside more often, and what better way to do that than by letting your employees work from home in their own gardens.

It?s well known that sunshine benefits our mental and physical wellbeing, and besides your employees being happier and healthier your business gets to benefit from the fact that happy workers are 12 per cent more productive.

As being stuck indoors is a major reason staff get distracted during the summer, the option of working in the fresh air may help them feel less concerned about getting away from their day jobs, too.


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(3) Enable staff to get fit

How many people in your office say they?ll start their fitness programme once the weather improves, only to resent giving up the little time they could be relaxing in the sun?

It?s well known that healthier staff are more productive and less likely to take sick leave; Johnson & Johnson saved approximately $250m on healthcare costs over a decade thanks to its wellness programmes, proving the initiative is worth more than just a nice gesture.

Not only that, but people who exercise on work days feel more productive, happier and suffer less stress than they do on non-gym days, giving employers a compelling reason not to make staff leave training until the weekend.

Enabling your staff to exercise during work hours can reap huge benefits for both your business and your employees and can be as simple as giving employees extra time in their lunch break or running early morning sessions.

Everyone has different fitness preferences and needs so you may need to send round a survey, but there are many ways you can support your staff?s fitness without needing your own facilities on-site.

For example, you could negotiate corporate memberships with a nearby gym, or subsidise classes with local instructors, or even join the Bike to Work scheme and save up to 13.8 per cent on employer NI contributions in the process.

Finally, you could offer incentives to employees who take part in your initiatives like exclusive healthy breakfast meetings to help support your colleagues? fitness efforts.

Catch the final solutions for business survival in the summer as an SME.

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