Simple solutions for SMEs to survive summer business challenges

(4) Make sure absentees get covered

With 27 per cent of people feeling guilty about requesting holiday (half of whom do not want to put the extra burden on their colleagues), it?s no wonder that a third of office workers aren?t taking their entitled leave.

Considering the proposed ban on emailing during out of work hours in France, and growing concerns about people suffering from digital burnout, it?s important that staff can truly switch off when they?re away and not worry that their workload is covered.

Ensuring that everything gets taken care of when you?re short-staffed can be tricky; you?ll need to put a thorough handover procedure in place and make sure customers know they?ll be dealing with someone different.

You can also help to support those who are taking on extra work by using tools like small business phone systems, which can let colleagues know when someone is away and enable them to get back to the calls they couldn?t answer in time.

If you use cover staff in your busiest periods, a phone system can also help to provide a seamless customer experience, by providing information about the caller before they pick up the phone.

How ever you decide to ease the strain on everyone, be sympathetic and make sure the folk left behind this summer take their own leave in return.


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(5) Include conditions in your contracts

In an ideal world you would be able to get cover staff for your busy, under-staffed periods, so encouraging team members to give as much notice as possible when requesting leave would be the best case scenario.

However, if you really must put restrictions in place ? and hopefully this is a last resort ? it?s best to do this in your staff contracts.

You can do this by specifying how many people can take leave at any one time, which you may want to break down by department.

You can also limit the number of days that can be taken at any one time, or detail times of the year when the business shuts down and enforce workers to take holiday around that time ? the days around Christmas being the most common.

Kayleigh Conway is digital marketing executive at Receptional

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