Sir Alan Sugar: ?Women employers are more ruthless than men?

“Be under no illusion,” he told The Times. “Women employers are more conscious of not employing other women because they feel they’re not going to get the value of work out of them.”

The Apprentice star reckons employment laws are counter productive and says bosses should be free to ask female members of staff whether they have children and how they’ll be looked after during working hours.

“I think it’s right for women to be asked the question and I think it’s right for women to volunteer the information.

"Companies have no divine right to help with childcare. Companies employ people. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide childcare.”

[That’s a fair point, but what happens if the powers that be don’t take childcare seriously?] Sir Alan isn’t about to be dragged down by EU employment law on the matter. “I do what I want in that boardroom and if they don’t like it, they can piss off.”

Is he right? Are women bosses more wary of employing females? Let’s hear your views.

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