Sir Tom Farmer lambastes Scottish government

“The one difficulty that all businesses face is red tape," he says. "If I had one criticism of the Scottish Executive, it is that they don’t seem to be doing enough to stand up for business and reduce the amount of red tape that’s going on – it’s immense.

"It’s a stranglehold on many businesses," he continues. "It’s unbelievable the rules and regulations which comes through, not only from the devolved government, but also from Westminster, and even more so, from the European Union. It’s about time someone stopped, had a good look at this and saw that this is not required."

Farmer is particularly angry about the regulatory burden placed on small businesses during this financial crisis. He believes that the Scottish government should be doing all it can to lighten the load during this recession, not watch firms struggle.

“Running a successful business through 2009 is not going to be easy. The looming recession brings a new set of financial hurdles that can trip even the best run businesses.

"But it is not all bad news," he concludes on a lighter note. "Opportunities for substantial growth exist for the companies who are best placed and best prepared to seize them."

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