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Sir Tom Hunter’s green fingers

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What is it about Sir Tom Hunter and gardens?

He already owns Wyevale Garden Centres – with more than 100 centres – and has incorporated into that chain Blooms of Bressingham (which also owns Europe’s second largest collection of steam engines).

He also fought a one-year battle with for the 21-chain Scottish chain Dobbies, which kicked off in June 2007. He sold his 29 per cent stake this summer, admitting to the Scotsman that he had "dilly-dallied".

Now he is bidding for Flying Brands, the postal flower service and garden products retailer. (We wonder what the company’s brand new CEO, Tricia Killen, is going to make of this.)

Is it their freehold property portfolios that he is after? Or is it the organic growth (excuse the pun)?

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