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Some businesses may require site works services

Site works: When you need something extra from your supplier

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Housing or business site developers may benefit from additional services from their energy provider such as site works – this can include new site connections, disconnections, upgrades or service alterations.

Essentially, this is going back to the basics – it’s the services a business needs if it is carrying out gas and electricity connection projects.

What’s on offer?

Site works can include new site connections, disconnections, upgrades, service alterations, meter installations/removal/replacement, and project management.

Business owners are likely to need these services if they are building new properties or redeveloping a site.

They may also need to use these services if they have just moved premises to somewhere with a faulty connection.

For some of these services, they will have to use their local distribution network operator, but for other parts of the work they will be able to choose their service provider. This can help lower costs and you can even get compensation for power cut.

When might I need site works services?

Although it is a fairly niche service and not all businesses will come across a need for site works, there are times when it will be worth considering.

For example, if a business has a need to move its meter because of building works or if the meter is difficult to access and read, it will need these services as it is illegal to move it on its own.

If someone wants to move a meter less than one metre, they should contact their energy supplier, who will quote a price. The current supplier is the only one allowed to do this.

If a business is looking to move the meter further than one metre, it will need to contact its local electricity distributor and gas transporter. According to Citizens’ Advice, this will usually cost at least £400, but can be considerably more.

What about the energy supply itself?

When a business first sets about organising its site works services, it will also need to choose an energy supplier.

Some suppliers will be able to offer a project managed service for site works projects, so it is worth doing some research into this before making a decision.

With this option, the supplier will sometimes handle technical and administrational support, and provide customers with a single point of contact to make communications on the project go smoothly.

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