Six must-know content marketing tips for businesses to take advantage of

(4) Research free content marketing tools

As a startup you?ll be watching the pennies, so experimenting with free content marketing tools is a must. Using a free social media scheduling platform such as Hootsuite can help you create a presence across multiple platforms whilst saving you time through post automation. And what if you’re stuck for content ideas” Content idea generation tools such as Buzzsumo or can be a great way to spark those initial ideas.

(5) Get involved in your social community

Setting up groups in Facebook and LinkedIn can help your business get its message out there through subtle conversation. Promoting your business isn’t always about pushing your services or products in your audience’s eye line; it’s best to sometimes take a soft-sell approach. Generating conversation and provoking opinion, will increase your brand’s exposure amongst the social community.

(6) Don?t just publish content to your blog

Whilst it’s important to write relevant and interesting content consistently on your own blog, it’s also important to building content relationships with third party websites. Your site will benefit from high-quality inbound links from trusted sources. In fact, it was reported by HubSpot that companies that blog have 97 per cent more inbound links.

Another benefit to outreaching your content is that it widens your exposure to your audience. Approaching sites you know your audience interact with and getting your content published there will help increase your authority in your field of expertise, making you more of a trusted source for your audience.

Ruth Fishwick is the content outreach executive at?Hit Search, a digital marketing agency based in Liverpool

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