Six employees down but we’re pushing on

That means a ratio of one in five employees are off work today. To make matters worse, a couple of the employees in question had left disasters simmering before they took time off – which means some of us have had to spend an unproductive morning sorting all the mess out.

Constantly amazes me why people don’t speak up if they don’t understand or aren’t coping. They’re bound to get found out in the end! Rest of staff seem quite chipper despite all this. Production team and sales staff are ahead of targets. Supplement design pictures all gone off to designer. Price list is three-quarters finished. Next year’s budgets all done. Sales and marketing plans made for year ahead. At last, there’s a sense of purpose about the place! Even had some time to explore mysteries of Linked In over past few days. Still haven’t entirely got the hang of it, especially as you appear to be forbidden to talk to anyone you don’t know. All I can say is, if anyone wants to be "linked in" with me, I’d be delighted! They can then perhaps explain what I should be doing next…

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