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Six futuristic outdoor tech trends SMEs can use to stay ahead

Tech trends

Just as manufacturing firms who avoided automated production were left behind, so will be those who ignore the aspect of life that tech?trends have most radically altered the way we send and receive information.

Tech-savvy business leaders know that keeping on top of the latest in advertising communications (which, today is overwhelmingly digital and full of tech trends) is crucial for engaging with consumers. But, for SMEs, staying ahead of the curve can be an uphill struggle compared to resource-rich larger firms.

However, business leaders that keep their ears to the ground often find that knowing what’s just around the corner is the sure way to adapt and evolve with tech?trends. As new tech?trends emerge, are fine-tuned and reimagined, costs quickly drop, allowing eagle-eyed firms to jump on recent innovations and connect with new and existing customers in new, often radical ways.

These are what I believe to be the six most innovative outdoor tech?trends all SMEs should watch:

(1) AIAdvertising

Perhaps the most significant change in advertising tech comes, rather fittingly, from machines. While this won’t look like I, Robot-meets-Mad Men on the surface, we can certainly expect an advertising intelligence far beyond the capabilities of even the most observant ad executive.

Imagine if a computer algorithm could think like a human, react to events in real time and change their advertising based on the news of the day, the outcome of a cricket match, or even the weather. This smart, adaptive thinking is what AI Advertising will allow.

It takes just one look at the solutions Linkett is building, which adapt ad campaigns in real time, to see that AI advertising is already here.

(2) LiFi

When LiFi emerges, the prospect of WiFi will be met with giggles akin to those heard when dial-up internet is referenced in our age of broadband.

Quite simply, LiFi is the next giant leap in tech trends and communication, boasting speeds and a level of reliability currently unthinkable. By using light rather than radio waves to send coded information, any light source can, in theory, become a router. This means that anyone in direct line of sight will be able to connect.

While we won’t see LiFi rolling out anytime too soon, I have hopes that our ECHO displays can use this technology to transmit hidden content, unlockable with a handheld device.

(3) Internet of Tthings

While this it isn’t quite on the same scale of Tom Cruise being offered Amazon-style recommended purchases by Minority Report’s retina-scanning technology, WiFi and Bluetooth can now be used to tap into your buying data, personalising in-store adverts, and at the point-of-sale. Proximity marketer?BlueBroadcaster isAlready making this a reality.

Continue on the next page to find out how these tech trends can decipher the public’s thoughts, whether they’re about Trump, tax or twerking.


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