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Six markets where augmented reality could boost your business

Augmented reality (AR), which layers interactive digital elements onto real life situations, has often been seen as a gimmick. It has always been associated with those fun wow” moments that really take ideas out of the box of what society expects to be possible. 

Just recently, HAgen-Dazs used augmented reality to entertain consumers while they wait for their ice cream to become soft enough to scoop: the brands Concerto Timer iPhone app can project a virtual violin concerto on top of a tub.

The technology is branching out into transferring practical and informative actions between the user and the physical object theyre encountering. AR is growing into a useful tool for education, communication, design, enterprise and more. Businesses can capitalise on these innovations to offer their own online elements for real life interactions. 

Here are six blossoming areas in which your business could look to offer an augmented reality solution:

1) Education

The use of AR is widespread and perhaps even surprising to some. Students and teachers use AR in the classroom to enhance lessons and add digital extras to traditional materials like textbooks, bulletin boards, and displays.

For example, students could use apps to interact with 3D projections of animal cells in Biology, globes in Geography and so on, just from hovering a tablet over their textbooks. Interaction in this way can help engagement and understanding, and therefore improve learning

2) Marketing

Marketers and advertising agencies can use AR to connect digital assets with print and out of home campaigns. 

Not only does this provide them a way for prospective customers to make digital purchases and/or interact with the brand beyond viewing a direct mail piece or print ad, but it provides the ability for these businesses to measure the effectiveness of direct marketing and other traditional tactics. 

Beyond viewing a direct mail piece or print ad, it provides the ability for these businesses to measure the effectiveness of direct marketing and other traditional tactics. Even packaging can be brought to life, like HAgen-Dazs ice-cream performance.

3) Communication

Whenever there is a new way for people to communicate with each other (social media, for instance), there emerge new opportunities for creativity and sharing. AR is really the ideal communication method as it blends well-known and new ways of information sharing into one mobile package.

More and more people are relying on their smartphones and tablets for communications and plans from their calendar, to their entertainment, shopping, and research. Since consumption of mobile content is a part of daily life, there is a certain expectation that other parts of life also become mobile-accessible and this means that AR will change the way we communicate.

As users continue to create better and more meaningful AR experiences that blend physical and digital parts of life, we are able to keep traditional communications alive whilst adding a more human touch to the exchange of digital media.

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