Six reasons a creative workspace can play a big role in productivity investment

Sometimes, it can be hard to find motivation and creativity in the workplace no matter what position you?re in, especially if tasks don?t seem to be going right or it?s a rainy midweek morning.

However, designing creative workspaces can have a big impact on employee attitude, wellbeing and levels of productivity. How, you ask? Step into my office…

(1) How is a creative workspace different from a typical work environment?

A creative workspace is somewhere that strays away from typical office conventions and aims to cater to individuals rather than the corporate, traditionally business-focused offices.

When people think of creative spaces, the first place that usually comes to mind is Google. They are renowned for their creative use of space to inspire their staff whilst putting health and wellbeing at the forefront of their design ideas.

My personal favourite is their rooftop space with a beautiful view of the London skyline. However, creative spaces are becoming a popular phenomenon with countries all over the world and business in all industries taking part.

(2) Why design a creative workspace for an accountancy business?

Although ideas of creativity aren?t usually associated with accountancy businesses, I have been interested in creative workspaces for quite some time. I am, and always have been, passionate about designing and decorating spaces in a way that it is original, pleasing to look at, yet functional at the same time. Whether it?s in the office or at home ? it?s definitely a hobby of mine.

We recently moved into a new office and I was determined to have a space that myself and my employees could fall in love with.

But, no matter what industry you are in, there?s always a good reason to create a workspace fit for creativity and productivity. Allowing your creative side to flourish in this environment can help increase your imagination and overall productivity.

(3) What do creative workspaces mean to employee wellbeing?

Employee happiness and wellbeing is very important to me as a businesswoman. I wanted to create a space that would spark inspiration and make my staff proud to be part of our company.

I was also well aware that this would help to create a positive attitude towards the working environment and reduce the chances of any possible mental health issues arising due to working conditions, as creative spaces are renowned for contributing to healthier workspaces.

Research also shows that creative workspaces can increase employee productivity. People don?t have to be glued to their desk with zero distractions anymore to get things done and there are increasingly more spaces in offices where employees can get away from their desks and clear their mind and help them to focus.

Continue reading on the next page for how creative workspaces can improve happiness, the favourite items I have in my office and how the change benefits HR.

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