Six reasons a creative workspace can play a big role in productivity investment

(4) Why is a creative workspace integral to employee happiness and productivity?

Providing a creative workspace heightens senses and encourages right brain thinking. The use of specific colours is known to affect mood. Our calming colour scheme of blues and greens gives a calming space to our employees. This was particularly important with so many deadlines to meet. Open spaces encourage collaboration between team members and remove the emotional silos created by the more traditional internal dividing walls.

Creating these innovative workspaces are cost-effective, flexible and are easy to maintain. The end goal of a creative workspace is to provide an environment where employees can thrive and produce their best work.

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(5) What are my favourite items in my office?

I really think creating a colour scheme for your office is so important. From that you can choose other items that will suit your brand image conveyed through your office space and although some items may appear random at first, they fit perfectly with the office theme. For me, I wanted to include calming colours so I’ve used greens and blues which tends to remind me of being outside and close to the ocean.

Although we each have our own desk, they are handmade from recycled scaffolding boards and poles which brings a creative and rustic feel to our office and ties in with our brickwork wallpaper. I also have a driftwood side table to bring a sense of nature into our workspace.

I’m also a firm believer in having an open plan office, where everyone can easily communicate, engage and no one will feel excluded. It helps us to problem solve and collaborate each and every day.

Of course, comfort is crucial. Taking inspiration from Google, my office has been designed to feel like a living room with a sofa, a rug, teapots, plants and scented candles. This reminder of a home environment is more likely to help my employees feel comfortable and relaxed while getting on with their tasks.

Feeling stressed at work is likely to hinder employee performance so I wanted to create an environment that moves away from any negative feelings towards your job and I’ve found that it creates a more positive attitude towards any task.

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(6) How can creative workspaces benefit HR departments?

Selling the concept of a creative workspace to a board can be intimidating and sometimes challenging, particularly in industries where a creative workspace might not be expected or considered to be not needed.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that there is direct correlation between workspace, employee engagement and productivity which will help support business objectives. Your case to the board can be proven by drawing on one of many studies conducted on how creative workspaces benefit overall employee wellbeing and productivity.

Creative workspaces can also be used to attract the best recruits for your company and make you stand out against your competitors. It can be viewed as a part of the overall package employment, alongside the salary, health plan, pension and any other perks a business may have to offer.

You’re paying your staff, so they should be satisfied with that, right? Wrong. SMEs must think of today’s employees as consumers.

Marsha Ward is the founder successful accountancy company, The Number Hub. Based in South Wales with a background in HR and accountancy, she is a firm believer in creating a positive workspace and ensuring employee wellbeing.

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