Six reasons to visit

1. The manager must-haves

How to hold productive sales meetings. How to value your early-stage business. Eight cashflow tips for UK exporters. Ten ways to get Entrepreneurs’ Relief. Our advice and guides section is? crammed with practical business tips. Share these with your senior managers.

2. The profile bank

Who started out by looking after the President of Tanzania’s horses? Whose dream job is to be the surfer-songwriter Jack Johnson? Who owns a Bentley? Find out by clicking on our profile bank. Duncan Bannatyne, MessageLabs founder Jos White, Addison Lee’s John Griffin, Yeo Valley’s Tim Mead: they’re all here.

3. Our reviews of the apprentice

This year’s Apprentice sees the contestants fighting it out to win a ?250,000 prize fund, which will be invested into their own business. They’ll also have the backing and mentoring of Lord Sugar, who will take a 50 per cent stake in the new firm. Who wins? Who walks? Who makes us cringe and cover our eyes each week? If you want to take part in the water-cooler chat with your staff, read our weekly episode reviews.

4.?The Future 50

The essence of entrepreneurship isn’t money. It’s about wanting to change an industry forever, the way Apple changed computers or Starbucks changed coffee. In June, we teamed up with Red Bull to launch a search for the most ambitious, disruptive and downright thrilling startups in the UK. Find out more and enter online before July 22.

5. Get a blank book to the top of the amazon charts

A quarter of a million page views (in one week). More than 100 reader comments. Coverage in The Huffington Post and Hacker News. Shed Simove’s story on how he published a bestseller in just nine days (and made a million authors instantly hate him) is our most popular online story ever. Read it here.?

6. News alerts?

The latest business headlines and essential analysis. Straight-talking advice on the issues that really matter to your business. Comments from our panel of regular columnists. Updates on the latest Real Business events such as the Growing Business Awards. Get all this delivered straight to your inbox three times a week. Sign up online.?

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