Six steps to take your food business online

If you think that food should be served the same as it is marketed (offline), think again. If you are setting up in this deliciously exciting arena, I urge you to take your business online.

Like any foray into a new space, what is important is to establish what you want to achieve, and build your online strategy around it. That said, there are some overarching ideas to explore that can help you develop and we have developed some top tips?

(1) Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

In the online world, reviews and comments can go viral and can be read by tens of thousands potential customers. With so many spaces to conquer, working out where to start isn?t easy.

A simple Facebook for Business page is a great first step and a must for your food company as you look to harvest your customers? experiences and grab their attention. Facebook gives you visibility and, more importantly, credibility. Make yourself available to customers, respond to queries and make the most of this space.

(2) You don’t need a website

Don?t think of a website as your digital home or safe haven. Your users and customers won?t be swung by this kind of romance, and will be open to the multitude of different portals available.

Google and Facebook business pages are a great alternative to a website, and will save your users the to-and-fro between different sites. They also let you store everything you need in a single place, as well as allowing you to appear on maps and search engines and show your menus, opening hours, pictures of your products. They even allow you to advertise to targeted customers.?

If you have any additional budget, why not spend it on bespoke social media instead of a website?

(3) Get crafty with your email address

There is nothing that frustrates us more than to be handed a professional looking business card, only to see a? on the back. Your email address says a lot about how seriously you take your company and business profile.

For many people, this is the first experience they have of interacting with your company and a generic email address is a poor start ? it doesn?t really give off the exciting business growth and opportunity vibes that you?re looking for.?

Setting up an is very simple and should be the first port of call for online customer communication.?

Continue reading on the next page to discover more tasty tips to take your food business online!

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