Six steps to take your food business online

(4) Keep things nice and secure

Managing documents, data, customer contacts and mail lists should be your bread and butter. Our golden rule in business and life is that if it can happen, it will happen, and it’s not as unlikely as you think for someone to leave their laptop on a train or lose essential information.

Make sure all your data is stored in the cloud. We would recommend setting up all your document management, storage, and emails using Google Apps for Business. That way, you are secure, protected and backed up, ALWAYS! 

(5) Don’t go it alone

To quote an uncommon phrase, “If a job is worth doing, get a professional to do it.” 

This is true for any elements of non-off-the-shelf web developments you are looking to achieve. Find a small development company to hop onto this journey with you. After all, you are in this business to make food, not build the next Facebook, so stick to what you are good at, and let the techies and designers work their magic.

(6) I just want to sell! 

Ok, so this is the beauty of the internet. If it can be done, it probably has been, and there are thousands of ways to sell your food or products through the Internet with no investment. and are great for takeaways or fast food startups that want to sell locally, and Deliveroo provides a restaurant food take always service. Etsy is a creative online marketplace that connects creative businesses to customers, and specifically connects food gift businesses to its customers.

Having a presence on the web in some form is vital to be seen as current; especially as a very high percentage of the population these days rely on technology rather than printed media. But beyond this, the world really is your oyster. If you have an idea of what you want, find people and partners you trust to deliver it.

Follow these tips, be explorative and creative and you will see your food business scale new heights. The moment is ripe.

Dave Howden and Jess Morteln are co-founders of The Tartisan Bakery, based in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter

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