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Six trends for the next decade

Innovation will continue to be driven by SMEs not corporates over the next decade, but what are the big trends?

Business intelligence provider Index B has looked into its crystal ball, highlighting six emerging trends that will shape the economy over the next ten years.

“It isn’t large corporates driving these trends, it’s primarily innovative SMEs although often they’re ultimately taken over by large corporates: Apple taking over Siri in order to use its innovative voice recognition technology is a good example,” says John Owrid, CEO of Index B.

What are the six big trends?

The internet

The transition in use of the internet from serving communication and entertainment needs to now tackling more functional, less sexy areas. 

Illustrative companies: Evernote, Dropbox, Groupspaces

Mobile commerce

The smartphone is set to become the most iconic device of the second decade of the 21st century, and mobile commerce will become ubiquitous. 

Illustrative companies: Proxama, Metaio.


Even though debt and currency crises stalk the globe, the ideas and economics of sustainability are more entrenched than they once were. 

Illustrative companies: Closed Loop Recycling, Whipcar, Sequana Medical.

New capitalism

Rethinking the way money flows is becoming a bigger industry in its own right. 

Illustrative companies: LRN, BankSimple, CrowdCube, Mitie.

One-man empires

In years gone by, one-man businesses were derided for not being serious ventures. Yet technology is helping them cast far longer shadows to extend their reach and influence. 

Illustrative companies: CubeSocial, Basekit.

Community models

Finally, the C word. Whilst its overuse has become a trend in its own right the business models which exemplify online communities are planting deeper roots. 

Illustrative companies: Kaggle, Songkick.

What big trends do you expect will shape the next decade

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