Six ways to gain serious influence at work

4. Develop a network
Networks are living organisms that constantly grow and change. And you should constantly seek to expand yours in all directions. We dont need to obviouslysource influence here, just actively bolster the number of people we know in any organisation and beyond.

5. Listen?
Yes, that old chestnut. Yet to yield influence with people you need to understand what concerns them, which may not always be obvious (unless you listen carefully).

6. Become a “thought leader”?
This is more about insight than persuasion. Aristotles view was that speakers must understand their audiences thoughts and feelings, and connect with their emotions. With that in mind, you can initiate ideas that even if rejected help increase your influence.

Robert Kelsey is the author of Get Things Done: What stops smart people achieving more & how you can change, which was published by Capstone in March 2014.

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