Six ways to increase online sales conversions

Allies Computing offers these simple tips that you can employ on your website to ensure that potential customers don’t abandon you at the checkout:

1.    Remove registration from the checkout process.Research from Econsultancy indicates that registration pages at the beginning of the checkout process contribute to checkout abandonment as this can be time-consuming, off-putting and often tedious for those who have forgotten their username or password.

2.    Don’t ask customers to duplicate information.If a customer has keyed in their name and email address, make sure this data is populated automatically as the default value if the information is needed in another part of the order process, for example for billing and delivery.

3.    Use additional services to make it easier for the customer.These could include automated address lookup. This can reduce keystrokes and save time by up to 80 per cent.

4.    Don’t collect data you don’t need.Make sure you have a valid business reason to collect the data 5.    Make sure the layout is simple and clear.Steps to purchasing must be labelled and progress clearly visible. If you have more than five steps, you probably have too many.

6.    List all the relevant information on the main part of the website.Information such as delivery costs and times should be listed to ensure there is no interruption to the buying process and no nasty surprises when payment is finally required. Hidden charges are another reason customers may abandon the checkout.

A quick review and testing will also identify any holes in your processes to make certain you are not losing out on valuable sales.

By taking simple steps to improve the usability of your website’s order pages, the impact on sales could be quite significant so it’s definitely worth some consideration when next reviewing your website.

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