Skills shortage: Britons doubtful that UK will remain an engineering world leader

With reports citing an already present skills shortage, as well as a potential brain drain from the UK into other European engineering hubs, a critical long term people crisis is on the horizon. 

This is a sentiment reflected in Matchtechs recent Confidence Index. The recruiter found that professionals are not only already contemplating finding work abroad, but they are also doubtful that the UK will remain an engineering word leader. 

Managing director, Keith Lewis, commented: Our recent Confidence Index found that over three quarters of UK engineers are doubtful that enough is being done by the Government to attract new talent to the engineering industry. Over half of all the engineers surveyed said they would either definitely or possibly be prepared to move overseas for work and nearly two thirds believe the UK will cease to be an engineering world leader in the future.

Government tactics will be too little too late

APSCo has also warned that, whilst the Government appears to be acknowledging the need to increase the UK’s engineering skills base, its plans will be too late to address the current problems. The trade association believes that the proposed new HS2 further education due to open its doors in 2017, may be an innovative solution, but it will go no way in meeting the headcount demands the industry is contending with.

Ann Swain, Chief Executive of APSCo believes that “the investment the Government is pumping into our infrastructure network can only be positive news for the UK, but only if this is backed up with the necessary manpower to enable projects to happen. 

“As it currently stands major initiatives which, in the long run, will create hundreds if not thousands of jobs, risk being halted or even axed unless action is taken imminently. We are already facing a brain drain from the UK engineering sector and this will only exacerbate if the Government and business leaders dont take action now.

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