Skincare firm hires Samanda twins to appeal to teen market

“We got the twins as soon as they left the Big Brother house last year,” says Miller. “They are really popular with teenagers, so it was great way to give the brand that fresh and funky edge.”

Samanda don’t come cheap. Their two-year contract will cost Young and Pure between £40,000 and £150,000 depending on their level of involvement and sales generated. But so far, it’s been worth every penny.

“We launched a perfume with them over Christmas,” says Miller. “It sold like hotcakes. Retailing for £14.95, we sold over 50,000 units.”

But the real value lies in hooking the teens: “I didn’t want our products to seem boring. Just because they’re natural and mummy would approve,” says Miller. “That’s why everything about the range: the look; the editorial; the fragrance, is all tailored to teens. Samanda is a big part of that.”

Young and Pure turned over £150,000 in its first year, but the firm is looking at £1m sales next year.

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