Sky Sports sexism saga: as bad in the boardroom?

Sky’s Richard Keys and Andy Gray opened up a can of worms when they taunted football lineswoman Sian Massey (off air) earlier this week, asking “What do women know about the offside rule?”

West Ham vice-chairman Karen Brady slammed their “sexist tirade”, saying that football “still has this sort of old-fashioned, out-of-date view of what a woman’s role is within the industry and it infuriates me.”

But is sexism just as rife in the boardroom? We spoke to four female entrepreneurs to find out:

Maggie Berry, MD of Women in Technology:
?I know a woman who was told she was in the ?wrong place? while at an IT conference! It will take years to eradicate this type of behaviour for good.?
Read Maggie’s views.

Samantha Burlton, founder of London-based cosmetics firm So Organic:
?Men think we know nothing about football and taunt us with it, just as we ridicule them for being big babies and suffering from ?man flu’. In most cases, it?s just a bit of fun. However, I have been on the receiving end of these kind of old-fashioned attitudes… ”
Read Samantha’s views.

Kate Russell (aka “The UK’s HR Headmistress”), founder of Russell HR Consulting:
“Women don?t always help themselves; they can be worse than the men. And this lulls the employer into a false sense of security.”
Read Kate’s views.

Sam Rudland, MD of marketing and PR agency Essential Communications:
“If you want to be successful in a traditionally male sector, you have to be able to take this sort of thing in your stride and almost be seen to be one of the boys.”
Read Sam’s views.

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