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How To Thank Customers For Supporting Your Small Business

small business thank you message to customers

A simple “thank you” note to customers is an effective way to show how much you appreciate and want to continue business with them. It also increases their loyalty to the brand since they feel noticed. However, many businesses overlook this simple customer retention strategy.

This comprehensive guide discusses the different methods to tell customers “thank you” and appreciate them. Every customer loves a vendor or brand that recognises their patronage and we explain exactly how to do that.

Customer Loyalty Programme

Enough of old-fashioned loyalty cards that do not offer expected results anymore. Try hosting a customer loyalty programme that promises to be more engaging and appreciated by customers. It is a tested and trusted method where you allow customers to earn points per purchase or website visit. The points accumulate and they are eligible to redeem them as discounts or for some free products.

Firstly, it proves to the customers how much you value and acknowledge their loyalty. It also encourages them to continue doing business with your brand. Setting up a customer loyalty programme is simple, especially with the use of online services designed to make administering them easy.

Get started by signing up on the preferred platform and commence designs of loyalty programme ideas that fit your brand. Promote the designed event to customers using social media, email lists or physical campaigns. More importantly, include short surveys for participating customers to get their contact information for future promotions or announcements of new products.

Provide Free Upgrades and Unexpected Gifts

Almost everyone would say “Yes” to a free gift. No matter how small, gifts are gestures that go a long way in showing appreciation. For a business-customer relationship, gifts are a way of saying “thank you” and letting the customers know you see and care.

Gift ideas for your customers include credits towards their next purchase, coupons, on an upgrade in service provided for subscription-based products. Gifts do not have to be something big!

As long as it is free and thoughtful, it does the magic. Unexpected gifts can also be a marketing strategy since impressed customers put in a good word for your business to their friends and family. It encourages the customers to buy more and increases their trust and loyalty.

Donate to Their Favourite Charities

There are a lot of customers who love to give to charity but do not often have the time or platform for that. Therefore, donating to their favourite charity organisations on their behalf makes them happy. It also positions your brand as a compassionate and people-friendly company.

You can post a survey asking customers to mention the charitable organisations they support and make donations to those places. Another related idea is hosting an event in the local communities of many customers to help and empower residents. Tag the programme as an initiative on behalf of the company and customers to the public.

Tell Them You Appreciate Their Patience and Kindness

One of the many ways that customers support a small business is by staying patient when things temporarily go wrong with the product/service. It is normal as a startup that you experience some issues for the first time and improve.

However, appreciating the loyal customers who were understanding the few times such occurred is important. It could be a challenge with product deliveries, brief disruption of online service or downtime of the business website.

You can reward customers with discount sales or added features on their next subscriptions or payments. A small gesture that appreciates them is welcomed. Customers can usually tell when a business has a genuine interest.

Bend Your Rules

Bending the rules does not mean you should treat some customers better at the expense of others. Every customer is important to the business but you can always appreciate the most supportive ones. An example of that is featuring an outstanding customer on the weekly highlight of your social media pages for example.

You can also invite them for exclusive company events. Other methods like discounts or extended warranties can be awarded to those customers who achieve certain milestones. Imagine it as an incentive to encourage others and prove that the business appreciates customer loyalty.

Customer Appreciation Week

Dedicating one week or a few days out of every business year to celebrate customers is an excellent deal. There is almost no better way to say thank you to those who have been supporting your small business. A well-planned activity for the customer week brings them closer to the brand and strengthens the business-customer relationship.

It is also pertinent that the chosen week only contains activities that directly relate to the customers. You can postpone other less important programmes for that period to avoid distraction from the main purpose of the week.

Exciting offers to appreciate customers include items like free shipping, discount sales, giveaway contests and other exclusive perks.

A customer’s week programme is also the chance to interact more engagingly with them and listen more closely to their concerns. Another initiative is to structure the week’s activities to allow customers to connect. Make it a memorable week that they look forward to every year.

Free Warranties

Free warranty is one often overlooked method of saying thanks to customers who support your small business. Think of it as an appreciative mechanism and one that builds trust too. A free warranty indicates that you are committed to resolving reported issues with your products/services at no extra cost. Hence, new customers buy without fear of wasting their money or getting a product that does not serve their needs.

It is a particularly great strategy for start-ups looking to quickly establish themselves in a competitive marketplace. People buy from those they trust. As a small business without many reviews, it is only smart to leverage offers like a free warranty. It helps to break the trust barrier since you are providing a sure value for money. Eventually, you gain more customers that feel appreciated.

Personalise Your Service

Personalising your service is one way to show appreciation to customers and gain a competitive advantage over some bigger competitors. Businesses that have a bigger customer base can find it challenging to track customer’s information.

As a smaller business, it is quite easier to gather information about prospects without necessarily being intrusive. Use short online surveys or signing-up forms to ask customers a few questions that are not too personal. It is best to just collect only a little information than appear to encroach on their privacy.

Proceed to store the collected information on an internal customer database. Little gestures like sending them an email or limited promotional offers on their birthdays or follow-up information about their favourite things they listed can make them feel appreciated. The customer feels seen even among the thousands or millions of other buyers and would likely compensate with more purchases. These are often the strategies that determine customer retention rates.

Follow Up With Customers

Follow-up is an honest and effective customer appreciation and satisfaction technique. Cultivate the habit of checking on buyers with a follow-up email asking them to participate in short surveys on their experience while making the purchase. Confirm if the product or service met their expectations and have friendly support representatives resolve the few issues of negative customer experiences.

An effective follow-up approach is to start by thanking the customers for supporting the business with their purchases. You could then proceed to ask for feedback about the product or service. Ensure your statements are precise and easy to understand. It is also best to train your customer support agents on basic escalation techniques for customer complaints.

Take Away Red Tape

By “red tape” we refer to policies or processes that hinder a smooth customer experience. A good business strategy is to put the customers first and eliminate whatever could make it difficult for them to carry out simple purchase actions.

For example, making the checkout option seamless and integrating with easily accessible payment gateways. Another option is to streamline the company’s return policy to factor in customer satisfaction. Customers often become repeat buyers when you make them happy and reward their trust with a smooth process.

Similarly, customers will abandon a business with too much red tape and go for competitors that provide better sales experience. An excellent approach to eliminating business red tape is to place yourself in the shoes of the customer.

Go Above and Beyond to Fix Mistakes

The perfect business does not actually exist. It is only possible to have one that has developed its positives to significantly outweigh the negatives. One business aspect to improve is the response to customer’s complaints.

Almost everyone has an experience of buying a product/service that did not meet their expectations. In some cases, the purchased item was bad and we were disappointed. While these things can happen to your customers, it should not be frequent. In addition, you must train your employees to always be ready to admit mistakes and proffer solutions immediately.

No matter how trivial it might seem, never overlook a customer complaint without addressing it. Prioritise customer feedback and put in deliberate efforts to rectify mistakes with purchase orders. Furthermore, ensure that permanent solutions are found for complaints that become too often. Ignored feedback is an indirect way of saying the business does not appreciate its customers.

Product Giveaways

Product giveaway is a strategy to appreciate customers for supporting your business while marketing your brand. The product does not have to be very expensive as adding a small souvenir to every order counts as a giveaway.

Additional giveaway ideas are a raffle draw or weekly contests. The raffle draw can be organised with simple instructions for customers such as liking a business post or making a purchase. The giveaway should have a timeframe to create a sense of urgency while you randomly select the winners from the participants.

Product giveaways can also come as a combo offer. For example, the customer buys 2 items A and B and gets a third product C for free. The criteria for selecting C would be random but depend on the type of products A and B purchased.

Send Thank You Emails

In addition to all the above strategies for appreciating customers that support your small business, saying a simple “thank you” also works. When you thank customers, you are letting them know the business appreciates their patronage and trust since they had alternatives.

You can even be more creative with thank you messages by personalising them so it does not look generic. It is more thoughtful when you start the email with a simple hello followed by their name. Do you have to craft separate messages to include customer names? No! There are automated email software integrations that ease the process provided you already have a database of customer information.

The thank you messages can also include a short survey or customer feedback form to show your interest in providing better services. However, do not just receive feedback without working on them.

Exclusive Perks

Exclusive perks to outstanding customers are a way to appreciate loyalty and encourage others to find value in your products. The perks could be anything from early access to new product launches, and private shopping experiences, to special promotional offers for VIP customers.

The choice of the offer is completely yours to make but must align with the interest of the customers. Additionally, it does not have to be something big or extravagant although it is more appreciated when the offer is reasonably comparable to the customer’s support for the business. The main idea is to let them know you think about them and truly value their respective support.

Final Thoughts

It is beneficial to be honest when thanking customers for supporting your small business. Customers can usually tell if you are genuine about your gratitude or not.

For instance, they would most likely identify a robotic message that contains no personalised detail. It is generic and would likely be closed as soon as they open the mail. Robotic thank-you texts can cause customers to think negatively of your business.

You should also make a continuous effort to appreciate customers and not a one-time activity that sounds promotional. Making it a regular part of your business strategy can foster loyalty and trust in the business brand.


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