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What is the SME Culture Leaders list?

The SME Culture Leaders List 2019 is the only league table of its kind catering to the UK’s thriving small and medium businesses that put company culture first.

It’s a definitive list of the UK’s 25 best SMEs that live, work and breathe positive company culture, presented by Real Business in association with specialist HR software company Breathe.

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If your business is a fun, supportive and inclusive place to work, if you’re proud about your company culture, nominate your business now. Simply fill in the form below![/read]

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Company culture isn’t just about foosball tables and nap pods. It’s one of the most important factors influencing where talented hopefuls choose to work. It’s important to employers too. Workers who slot into your company culture are likely to be happier and more productive.

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We’re looking for the best British SMEs who’ve nailed what it means to be a great place to work. Maybe it’s your ethos, your leadership style, your inclusive policies or your innovative flexible working arrangements. You may simply have a kickass workspace. We re all ears.[/read]

Why enter?

League tables and lists highlighting great places to work often focus on huge multinational businesses. We re interested in growing businesses who’ve put their company culture first, from the start.

This is a chance for SMEs to level the playing field. So if you own, run or work in one, tell us why yours is an awesome place to work. If you make the top 25, we’ll feature your business in Real Business, the most-read SME publication in the UK.

Nomination guidelines

Your nomination should be a maximum of 300 words in length, excluding employee testimonials. We’ve outlined a few questions to think about when drafting your nomination:

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– What is your company’s vision/mission?

– How does your company culture reflect that?

– How do your business values and actions support your mission?

– Is company culture a business priority” Who manages it” Who drives it?

– How did they get started How do they measure success?

– Provide key examples of workplace culture in practice

– How do you sustain your company culture

– What initiatives do you run and what is their impact on the organisation?

– Provide examples of employee engagement and its impact

– What is the impact of company culture on revenue/bottom line

Judging process

The judges will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the shortlisted nominees in a closed roundtable meeting. They will decide the top 25 based on a scoring system that looks at the following metrics:


What happens after I submit the below form?

After submitting the form, you?ll receive a confirmation message. The winners will be revealed on 22 July 2019!

If you’d like to accompany your response with supporting materials, please email them to [email protected] with the subject line “SME CULTURE LEADERS”.


8 May 2019 – Nominations open at midnight

28 June 2019 – Nominations close at midnight

4 July 2019 – Judges Pack sent to judges

15 July 2019 – Judging Day

22 July 2019 – Winners announced

Nomination Form Culture Leaders List 2019

Please fill out the below form to nominate your company for the Culture Leader List 2019.