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Why your SME should be using TikTok

Doing the ‘renegade’ or making the infamous ‘TikTok’ pasta are just some things that have gone viral over the past 3 years since the apps merge with If the app is something you aren’t aware of now, you’ll want to get to know after reading this article.

Jessica Henig is a leading female entrepreneur within the celebrity, digital and music marketing arena, and the founder of Unlocked Branding, one of the UK’s leading companies for talent representation and development. Many UK SME’s have dismissed TikTok within their marketing strategy for some time now, but why should SME’s be using TikTok?

What was once a Generation Z hang out, is now an app spanning all demographics and industries. The app can be a powerful platform for your marketing strategy, propelling engagement and potentially achieving leads. Here’s why your SME should be using TikTok:

Story telling for business is important 
Story telling for business is necessary, today utilising the most current social media platforms can be a catalyst for success. TikTok is known for it’s 15-60 second short form video content. There are many options to add effects, including text, music, stickers and filters to add to the business story messaging and aesthetic to the consumer. TikTok has millions of users; who can create conversation, often at no advertising cost. 
New customers 
In this digital age, a business needs to be ‘in it to win it’ to attract new customers. TikTok is a vibrant platform with many potential customers. Utilising relevant edit functions such as transitions and immersing in to cultural topics and day to day life, there are countless ways  to entice a new audience. The most simple everyday things can get high traction. Relatable content is paramount.
Find your niche 
On Tiktok there are many verticals that are within the app. From CleanTok (cleaning) to HowTo videos. There are a wide range of subcultures and targets to tap into for your business. 
Attaching your company to an already viral trend can work in your favour, as do hashtags such as #fyp – for you page, which can show your video to a wider range of people. 
Target market 
Depending on what the business is, researching the different sectors within TikTok, including the popular hashtags on the explore page is the best way to identify your target market on the app. You can see what is working, and what that demographic is enjoying and sharing. If you are particularly interested in a creator to showcase your business who already has a large following, you can reach out to them for their own insights to see who their audience is, and if it is beneficial to put a side some marketing spend to utilise them to showcase your business message. This way you get an audience to your business page, whilst also selling and marketing the business. 
Once a new customer follows a link in bio, uses a discount code or searches the business from what they’ve seen on the app from your company website, you can gauge the insights of your customers and understand what has worked from TikTok. Moreover, it’s possible to look deeper into the insights of the content that did work, and also what the customer is engaging with by searching the specific hashtags used, and scrolling through the conversation to see what the customers do or don’t like. This gives a more overall idea of what keeps their attention.
Word of mouth creates an authentic conversation and brand awareness 
Traditionally word of mouth has always been one of the best ways to attract customers, immersing in conversation is necessary brand awareness for business. Repetition is key; the more your business is seen, the more likely when needed the viewer will become a customer. 
A digital footprint creates credibility  
Credibility in the age of google is integral to a customer’s trust, creating an account on Tiktok shows the relevancy and presence of the company. 
Tiktok is not over saturated with advertising 
Tiktok is newly popular, therefore in comparison to other social media sites, the adverts aren’t as saturated or obvious. Authentic content grabs attention more than over stylised content. The personal approach works best, and is a level playing field for beginner and established businesses to showcase.
Prime Time is now on social media  
In previous decades ATL advertising would be the main priority, an ad on prime time TV or a billboard would be the go to marketing strategy. However this is hugely costly, and nowadays with TV viewership numbers in decline, and less people on the roads due to Covid-19 the ROI may not be as lucrative as digital marketing. On TikTok there is every chance to go viral and specify to a target market. 
Build an online community  
The younger generation today may get slack for various reasons, however it is clear generation Z show they care about causes, charity, identity and information they can spread awareness for. Creating a purpose, and alignment with your business can help attract customers who believe in the same ethos. 



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