SMEs not investing in marketing their website

In fact, research undertaken by Browser Media at The Business Show in London shows that only 43 per cent of these SMEs are actively investing in marketing their website to improve their web presence.

Joe Friedlein, founder and managing director at Browser Media said: ?It?s heartening to find that SMEs understand that their website can be a valuable business asset but equally concerning that only half invest in promoting it more broadly. 

“It?s a bit like setting up a new retail outlet and then only telling family and friends how to find you. In order to attract new customers and grow their businesses, these SMEs need to think like a big brand and make more noise online.?

Of those businesses who do invest in digital marketing, just over half undertake this solely in-house, while 31 per cent have some levels of agency support or outsource entirely. However, those businesses that seek external expertise are more satisfied with their online presence and visibility than those who undertake the work in house.

SME owners and managers were most familiar with the following online marketing disciplines:

  • Social media marketing (91 per cent);
  • Email marketing (89 per cent); and
  • SEO (79 per cent).
… and least familiar with:

  • Content marketing (52 per cent);
  • Affiliate marketing (48 per cent); and
  • Inbound marketing (35 per cent).
Joe Friedlein, concluded: ?It?s understandably chicken and egg – lots of small and micro business know they need to invest in digital marketing and that it will grow their business, but they can only cut their cloth according to their means. If these businesses can?t afford long-term activity, then ensuring their website is well optimised is be a good place to start. That way, they have a solid platform from which to build on additional activity as and when they can afford it.?

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