SMW: Social Commerce workshop

16.45: Next up is Markus Karlsson, CEO of Comrz.

Comrz is a social commerce platform – all about integrating ecommerce into social platforms, acting as a hub.

A bit obvious, but… the companies/websites with the highest levels of customer service have the highest revenues.

Mark Zuckerberg: “If I had to guess, social commerce is the next area to really blow up.”

The “Like” button will increasingly lead to buying.

To get involved in social commerce, four things:

  • get stuck in, use social commerce sites
  • add social commerce apps to your sites – find out what does/doesn’t work for you
  • enable ecommerce in social media (Twitter commerce?)
  • automation through social commerce platforms – everything is very manual now, but this will change.
What’s social shopping? What’s the difference with social commerce? Social commerce is the providers/businesses, whereas social shopping is what you do, as a consumer.

Really early days though. Only four per cent of UK’s top 100 retailers have commerce on fan pages.

People are spending $5bn on social commerce today – this will increase to $30bn by 2015.

Big reason why Groupon is growing: credits. You can buy credits/vouchers for your friends. Awesome!

The best strategies for social commerce are:

  1. Start simply (simple interaction!)
  2. Sense of urgency (key hook!)
  3. Energizing customers (pay for referrals, motivate them, there has to be a valuable hook)
  4. Fun (upbeat tone, humour)
  5. Fresh (if you don’t keep it fresh, people won’t come back)
The biggest problems with social commerce are:

  • poor data
  • poor targeting
  • poor integration
  • disjointed campaigns
  • lack of ownership
  • manual
  • poor customer experience
If you’re thinking of getting into social commerce, there are big risks, however:

  • it’s the most dangerous scenario
  • competitive spam and attacks
  • competitive poaching
  • fraud
  • data (personal and credit card) theft
  • privacy violations
  • personal data legislation
  • PCI compliance
Social commerce and SEO are totally connected. Social commerce and reviews/ratings/etc all drive SEO, and are a key source of inbound links. You can do all sort of automated stuff with SEO: pull in tweets, video, etc. Really tie SEO and social commerce together.

Top mistakes in social commerce:


  • not doing enough
  • not regular
  • disconnected
  • not personal
  • poor quality
  • not communicating the obvious
  • poor data capture

Another great presentation – very list-heavy though. 

And that’s it! We hope you found this liveblog interesting – do get in touch via the comments box below if you have any questions or want more information on any of the points.

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