Snoop Dogg 101: How to build an entire industry around marijuana

(3) Create partnerships to boost innovation and skills

The partnership between Dogg and Tweed signals a marketing shift from Tweed’s start as a medical marijuana producer to more of a preparation for legalisation in Canada. This, Michael Mulvey, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Ottawa, said, would go a long way in helping change the perception of the industry. 

“It really had this heavy medical positioning strategy where they were using a lot of people in lab coats, scientific props and evidence to show a level of professionalism and seriousness to sort of legitimise marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain,” he said. “What we’re seeing now is that companies are interested in the bigger picture, moving from the medical niche market to the broader recreational market. The imagery that was being used originally doesn’t necessarily have the same cachet, appeal or relevance to recreational users.”

Dogg also partnered with Grenco Science Vaporizer Company. The company will develop a line of vaporizer pens and accessories for Snoop under his own brand called, Double G Series.

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An industrial partnership such as this one brings together employers across an industry sector to lead the development of skills, with a focus on growth and competitiveness. Let’s face it, no one probably knows more about the industry than Dogg, so who better to partner with if your looking to grow numerous firms and boost the sector?

Through collaborative action the two can aim to improve the skills and employability of the current and future workforce, and in doing so increase productivity, build capacity to innovate and strengthen sector as a whole.


(4) Foster trust among consumers and business partners – and inspire confidence that the market will go far

First things first, people need to know more about your market in order to start trusting in your business. So, alongside media entrepreneur Ted Chung, Dogg’s new company, Merry Jane, will serve as a media platform bringing together video content and editorial – as well as information on actually smoking marijuana. According to The Guardian, the company has secured support from actor Seth Rogen and Guy Oseary.

According to the Verge: “It sounds like the site will combine a traditional editorial voice with consumer-oriented features like a dispensary mapping service and a buying guide for marijuana-related products.”

This is no half-baked site, excuse the pun! A preview of “Deflowered”, a video interview series on the site, shows two former Marines smoking marijuana and discussing alternative medicine for PTSD.

During a panel discussion at Tech Crunch Disrupt, Dogg and Chung explained the platform would have its own show series, detailing different aspects of marijuana “as it relates to lifestyle”.

Then, of course, there’s Dogg’s easy-going nature? Mulvey suggested that Dogg was “the mellow guy with people hanging out by the poolside. He’s a quintessentially hedonistic man in pursuit of happiness, something a lot of people could relate to philosophically or perhaps aspirationally.”

Conventional wisdom also advocates that brand trust for consumer goods is rooted in product quality and innovation.

“I’ve always been proud of our movement and have personally selected my favourite strains to enjoy,” Dogg said. “Leafs by Snoop is my way of sharing the experience I have with the finest quality cannabis one could imagine.”

He certainly knows what he’s talking about, having once unveiled that he smoked 81 “blunts” a day. Dogg added: “Since I’ve been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years now, I’m a master of marijuana. So naturally, my people can trust that I picked out the finest, freshest products in the game. Let’s medicate, elevate and put it in the air.”

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