Snow Day: good or bad?

A lot of the media coverage of the inclement weather has asked how a great city such as London can be so severely disrupted by a dusting of the white stuff. Other European cities deal with much more snow effortlessly.

Did we really need such disruption at such a cost when we’re in the grips of a recession?

Or was it just what the doctor ordered?

I worked from home yesterday (with the blinds open so I could see the lovely snow falling). When I ventured out for a look at the area under a blanket of white, I was delighted to also see so many smiling faces. Smiles are rare in the hustle and bustle of London at the best of times, let alone when everyone’s concerned about the economy and the future.

My verdict: who cares if it cost the economy £3bn (and let’s face it, it’s not as if that’s ‘real’ money). Yesterday was a great day.

Do you agree? Was the morale boost the snow provided worth the cost of shutting down your business for a day? Did you have a good or bad day? Let us know what you think, below or on the forum.

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