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Social Distancing: What is the new norm for retailers and warehouses?

Lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, allowing millions to return to what’s being called the ?new normal”.

The UK may have turned a corner by way of transmission rates, but this doesn’t mean we ve seen the last of Covid-19. Nor can we expect mandatory (and recommended) social distancing measures to disappear anytime soon.

For the time being, we re all expected to do everything we can to prevent a second wave…

How social distancing products can help

Unfortunately, not everyone can be relied upon to follow the correct measures in order to curb mass spreading of coronavirus. While some innocently forget, others simply can’t be bothered keeping a safe distance from others.

This is where social distancing products for business can be of immense help. Simply by providing a visual (or physical) reminder, the people on your premises are far less likely to group together in an unsafe way. Monitoring the behaviour of workers, customers and visitors is vital, and staying safe is much easier with the appropriate products in place.

Use social distancing floor signs

It often takes nothing more than a simple visual indicator on the floor to remind people to keep their distance. Social distancing floor signs do just that, without the creation of a physical barrier (which may not be the preferred option).
Adhesive floor signs can be used to create a one-way flow of foot traffic, show people how far apart to stand from others and provide useful information in general.

Where simple visual indicators are not sufficient, pedestrian crowd control barriers can also be useful. Particularly in high traffic areas that tend to become crowded, pedestrian barriers can be essential for creating safe queues and managing the entrance ways to your premises.

They can be simple barriers to channel foot traffic and bar access to certain areas or enhanced with adhesive signage to drive the point home even more effectively.

Hazard warning tape

Hazard warning tape can be used either to create a physical barrier or to mark out safe spaces/distances for those on your premises. High-visibility hazard warning tape can likewise be used to stop people from congregating in a way that breaches social distancing guidelines.

Hazard warning tape also brings the benefit of being one of the most cost-effective social distancing products and can be applied in seconds.

Personal protective equipment

Of course, it’s also important to provide workers and visitors alike (where appropriate) with suitable PPE and additional safety products. Examples of which include disposable gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer.
Positioning reminders around the workplace of the importance of washing hands regularly is also important, which can be purchased in a wide variety of formats.

Essential social distancing tips for businesses

It is important to limit the number of people you allow on your premises at any one time, in accordance with how much space it is available. Avoid crowding at all costs.

If you accept guests and visitors by way of appointment, consider staggering these appointments out to avoid overlap and reduce the number of people in your building.

For the time being, credit and debit card payments (contactless where possible) are still recommended by the WHO, as a safer alternative to cash.

Revisit your workplace hygiene checklist to ensure high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned more thoroughly and regularly.

Inform employees, guests and visitors alike that under no circumstances should anyone with even the slightest symptoms of a cold or flu virus come anywhere near your premises.

Conduct as many gatherings and meetings as possible via video calling or simply by exchanging emails, limiting the requirement for close personal contact.


Never be afraid to issue direct reminders to those who break the rules, who may be unaware of the risks they?re posing to those around them.

Sooner or later, we ll see the back of the Covid-19 crisis and all of the above will be little more than an unpleasant memory. Until then, it’s the responsibility of each and every business owner to do everything they can to continue limiting the spread of this tenacious virus.



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