Social site connects young job seekers with SMEs

How can SMEs better connect with young people?

We connect SMEs with young people through the unique matching algorithm on our site. The algorithm recommends specific jobs to current and future jobseekers, as well as providing shortlists of candidates to these companies. It’s incredibly simple for SMEs to find young workers with us and we’ll guide them through the process of setting up a profile which will dazzle hungry jobseekers.

How do employers manage the social interaction and relationships?

When employers sign up to Wozedu they will have their own content managing system. We will advise them on what we expect from them on content, which includes a variety of news updates, job opportunities, video content and examples of company culture. We’re also on board to let employers know what the best tone of voice to use to attract jobseekers.

What backing does the company have?

We’re financed primarily through private investment, and are currently exploring other avenues of further funding.

Which employers are you working with at the moment?

We’re working with a wide range of companies. We’re not biased to any specific industry, and we’ve already got a variety of employers working with us, including Starbucks, Deloitte, Rathbones, Flight Centre and Sopra Group.

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