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Why ‘Soft Skills’ Were Essential on My Journey as a Successful Entrepreneur

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In the business world, there is often a focus on developing ‘hard skills’, these are the skills that we generally imagine when we think of a successful entrepreneur. We imagine someone with incredible technical, analytical, and management skills but the image we have created in our minds of the successful entrepreneur is only half complete.

While they are undoubtedly necessary skills to develop as an entrepreneur, I would like to highlight the importance of developing soft skills and how these can help me on my entrepreneurial journey.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are skills that are transferable across all professions. Soft skills include critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving, to name just a few. Think of them as more socially developed skills than technical-based or knowledge-based skills.

Developing soft skills are vital in your journey as an entrepreneur but also important to the longevity of your entrepreneurial career. These skills can help you make better decisions, create a positive workplace, and deal with the ups and downs of business life.

Over the last seven years, I have dedicated myself to enabling and supporting entrepreneurship culture around the world. I have had the privilege of speaking at numerous engagements as a mentor, judge, consultant, panelist, lecturer, and coach.

My biggest takeaway, after advising hundreds of tech start-ups and investors, is how important soft skills are to grow as a successful entrepreneur and to build and lead a great team. People with good soft skills were leading with a sense of self-discovery, from a place of emotional intelligence and unshakable mental clarity.

I have also learned while working with entrepreneurs the value of developing soft skills on an individual and personal level before using them to help the growth of an organisation or company. There are many skills that may be considered soft skills such as self-care, personal growth skills, and spiritual practice, which form the backbone of a strong entrepreneur.

How I developed soft skills and used them to become a better entrepreneur

Before developing these skills, I had to sit and take a look at the basic elements of my life. I had to consider how well I was taking care of myself and how much time I was putting into my own personal growth by taking time to learn.

Self-care is fundamental. When you build a house, you first ensure that the foundations are solid. Being an entrepreneur is no different, if you want to build a business then ensuring that you have solid foundations is crucial. Sleeping well, eating healthy, and exercising regularly, were key to unlocking my full potential and helped me in my decision-making, mental clarity, and my overall outlook.

Personal growth practices were another essential step in my entrepreneurial journey. Setting aside time to read, watch documentaries, study and practice inquisitive conversations aided me in my continuous learning and growth. I am a huge advocate for practicing activities that challenge the mind to stretch further and reach greater heights, like learning languages, appreciation of arts, or extreme sports.

Spiritual practices have provided me with much help along the way during my entrepreneurial journey. This practice can take many different forms, depending on what suits you best, from meditation, yoga, scripture, journaling, practicing gratitude, daily affirmations, or introspection. Having these practices in my life, helps ground me and prepare me to face any challenges that come in my day-to-day as an entrepreneur with clarity and focus.

I am deeply passionate about changing the lives of entrepreneurs, by encouraging and aiding the development of these skills. I have founded a global movement advocating for entrepreneurs to step into a life of success and fulfillment and become the most successful versions of themselves.

Taking the time to develop soft skills allows you to rise above the challenges you may face in your entrepreneurial life. You will be able to keep your eyes fixed on the horizon when the waters get turbulent, guiding your business and team on the right course. Challenges will come to present learning opportunities and you will develop continuously.



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