Somethin’ Else

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Somethin’ Else

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Content creation

Is this the oddest firm in the 30 to Watch in Mobile Somethin’ Else is the creator of audio-only binaural gaming, and author of award-winning titles such as Papa Sangre and Nightjar.

What is binaural gaming” In essence, they are sound-only games. The firm’s proprietary Papa Engine creates mono sounds to be converted to surround sound, thus allowing for a new type of experience which reproduces sound the way the human ear hears it truly Somethin’ Else as the company name suggests. Prior to its development, such software had never existed. The resulting games produced are, therefore, the first of their kind anywhere in the world and have led to a new genre in mobile gaming.

As the developers of this unusual yet innovative software, now licensed to other developer’s, their games often feature on the front page of Apple’s app store in over 36 countries. These ?video games with no video” have garnered the company awards from IMGA Best Game, Cannes Lion and Develop Award for audio accomplishment.

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