Speaking at Real Business Funding: Robin Klein

Real Business Funding, our first ever event to illuminate the best sources of funding for your business, is less than two months away. Meet the entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who will help us shed light on the finance market…

Today’s featured speaker is:


Robin Klein 


Index Ventures

Speaking at: 

The debate

Robin Klein has a full 25 years of jaw-dropping experience. After being an entrepreneur for 20 years, and 14 years of investing experience, he has been on the boards of three publicly quoted companies. In his last operating role as chairman and CEO of Innovations, he conducted the very first UK ecommerce transaction in May 1995. Since starting his investment career in earnest in 1998 by co-founding The Accelerator Group (TAG) with his son, Saul, they have made over sixty investments. Some of TAG’s ten exits include Agent Provocateur (3i) where Robin was chairman for five years, Sit Up TV (Virgin Media), where he was board member for four years, Lastminute.com (IPO), Last.fm (CBS), Dopplr (Nokia), Lovefilm (Amazon), Fizzback (Nice Systems), Slideshare (Linkedin) and Tweetdeck (Twitter).

The entrepreneur-turned-investor joined Index Ventures in April 2010 as a venture partner. He is a founding partner of The Accelerator Group, a seed investment company specialising in e-commerce, digital media and Internet services, and currently chairman of Quickbridge (Wonga), Moo and MyBuilder. Klein also sits on the boards of Bill Monitor, EDITD, Farfetch, FreeAgent, LevelBusiness, OneFineStay, Skimlinks, Stylistpick, LevelBusiness and Zoopla.

Klein is passionate about helping to build the European technology start-up ecosystem and actively supports his son Saul in the promotion of Seedcamp and OpenCoffee. He has a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Industrial Engineering. Klein is a governor of Rhyl primary school and a past chairman of Great Ormond Street hospital’s funding company.

Robin Klein will be speaking at Real Business Funding, the free conference to illuminate the new, more plural funding environment for growing SMEs. Join us on March 15, 2013, at the British Library, and join the discussion on Twitter at #unleashingfinance.

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