Spencer Skinner

Name: Spencer Skinner 

Age: 45 

Company: I’m the executive chairman of the London-based multi-cuisine food delivery service Deliverance, a founding partner of Active Private Equity and the non-executive director of healthy fast-food restaurant Leon, iMPOWER and Future Fibres

Turnover: Deliverance turns over ?8.5m.

First job: I was a farm hand so have been around food from a very early age. 

Dream job: An architect. I’d love to design buildings. To be honest though, I don’t think one job will ever be enough for me. As executive chairman at Deliverance, I can’t help but get involved with all aspect of the business from food tastings to taking phone orders to helping to design the perfect kitchen layout. 

Car: I would always choose a motorbike over a car. They’re so much quicker for London traffic and give you chance to clear your head. 

Economy, business or first class: Economy (but with extra leg room where possible!).

Most extravagant purchase: A picture by Josephine Trotter, a contemporary British artist. It’s a semi-abstract scene of a park and a church in St Petersburgand it cost more than I should have spent!

Most played song on iPod: Parov Stelar’s latest album. It’s my current earworm. 

Best business book: Les Schwab’s Pride in Performance: Keep It Going. It showed that focusing on your product, putting in brilliant processes and giving excellent customer service can make even the most commoditised of businesses highly profitable. Something that every business can learn from. Particularly relevant lessons for Deliverance. 

Worst business moment: Having to close an early stage technology investment. It was a great concept but too early for the market. 

Proudest business moment: Smashing our return on investment targets for our new Deliverance format site, thereby proving that the rollout potential of the business. 

Business mentor: My business partners Gavyn Davis and Nick Evans. 

Next big thing: Technology in the food service industry. It’s something I think will change the industry and I hope that Deliverance can be part of it.

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