Spike in stress levels as business owners fight to stay afloat

Stress is impacting a large number of small business owners, research shows, which is impacting both their personal health and their business success.

Research by Crunch Accounting shows that 76 per cent of small business owners experience “exceptional” levels of stress due to the economic climate. Some 60 per cent of respondents admitted that stress levels were impacting their day-to-day work life, and a further 16 per cent reported that stress had a substantial impact on their everyday happiness.

Tough conditions

“We conducted this research because we know just how tough conditions are for small business owners at the moment,” says Darren Fell, MD of Crunch Accounting. 

The impact of the recession, long and unpredictable work hours and poor cashflow were named as reasons for the spike in stress levels.

In order to combat the stress, the majority of entrepreneurs are turning to exercise ? one third recommend swimming, running or gym sessions as the most successful stress relief remedy. A further 22 per cent prefer playing their favourite music, while 15 per cent find solace in more relaxed options such as yoga, meditation and pilates.

“While it’s interesting to see how they are combatting stress, with remedies like exercise, the real relief needs to come from much higher,” adds Fell.

“This spike in stress levels reaffirms the long overdue need for the British government to extend more support to SMEs by reducing red tape rather than increasing it, easing business owners’ workloads and allowing them to continue driving the UK’s economic recovery.”

How do you manage your stress? What would help you to relax and remain calmer? Leave your tips below.

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