Bolster staff retention with these ten tips

(6)?Ask questions

It is common practice to conduct exit interviews, however it is also important to gain insight into why long standing employees have chosen to stay within the businesses. Not knowing why staff are leaving could impact your staff retention strategy. Asking questions such as, “what are your non negotiables?”, “what would you alter?” and “why have you chosen to stay”? can give you a really good idea of what you need to do more of and even your USPs as an employer.

(7)?Create a work/life balance

It is great that employees are committed and willing to work that little bit extra. However, burn out can cause an incredible amount of stress and even cause employees to underperform in the long run. Whilst it may not be practicable for employees to work from home on a regular basis, it may be worth offering those that tend to voluntarily work longer hours? flexi-time, giving them the opportunity to catch up on their personal errands and attend work in the best frame of mind.

(8)?Share the vision

People like to know that they are making a difference to their team and are considered an asset. Sharing your company?s overall vision and objectives gives the opportunity for them to see exactly where they fit in and the difference that they are making.

(9) Establish clear measuring metrics and ensure that employees hold accountability

Ensuring that employees are accountable for certain aspects of the business allows them to feel needed in the workplace and most importantly, see that they are playing a part in achieving the overall goals. It also presents the opportunity to praise good work and creating KPIs allows employers to track progression and see exactly what they are achieving on a monthly basis.


Communication is key. This is not just about what you say, but also your tone, body language and even eye contact. It is crucial that employers are approachable and provide “face time” to their staff. Actually being physically in the office sees the opportunity to resolve problems that employees may be encountering before they feel that they have to move on.

Andrew Hewertson is learning and development programme director at STL.

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