When it comes to staff welcome packs, these firms have rewritten the rule book

Staff welcome packs Dobell
The classic staff welcome packs are often dull black and white binders that have little chance of being read by anyone outside of HR.

Why is it that companies insist on delivering boring corporate speak to new arrivals who join the teams with bland, unimaginative staff welcome packs?

Details of lunch breaks and disciplinary hearings can almost give off the impression the worker has returned to school.

With that in mind, we found some of the companies that have a more unique approach to greeting new recruits, sidestepping staff welcome packs for infinitely more inventive options.

23red ??Challenge them

?At 23red we have developed a way of bringing new starters up to speed on the ways of the office, the industry, our approach and the company legends at the heart of our culture,? said Jane Asscher, CEO and founding partner at communications agency 23red.

In keeping with the creative nature of the business, 23red has developed something more captivating than what you?d usually find inside staff welcome packs.

Staff welcome packs 23red
Jelly beans act as a sweetener ? see what I did there? ? to get colleagues talking
She continued: ?Issued with the ?Probationers? Challenge? on their first day, new starters have the three months of their probationary period to find and memorise the answers to 50 questions about 23red.

?Whilst most answers can be coaxed from colleagues with the welcome jar of jelly beans, the story behind company mascot Ron the Rooster can only be prized from the lips of the creative director by offering him a drink at the bar.?

Sounds like a great way to break ice and make firm friendships among colleagues to us.

But why does the MD on the next page introduce the business to staff by talking about a man being nailed to a tree?

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