When it comes to staff welcome packs, these firms have rewritten the rule book

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CreativeRace – Food, glorious food

Marketing agency CreativeRace, which boasts Leeds and London offices, does provide staff welcome packs.

But while they include the company history, mission and values, it also has the all-important stuff that newbies will want to know too – benefits.

“The welcome pack contains three pages full of the benefits that the new starter will receive, along with tree diagrams – including photographs – of all staff members, so the new starter can get to know the team structures, and faces within each team, before their start date,” detailed CreativeRace marketing manager Eve Eastwood.

The recruits receive an induction calendar on day one, which allows them to meet with different departments to gain an understanding of what everyone does.

However, Eastwood noted the the most unique element part of the induction – the welcome lunch.

CreativeRace Staff welcome packs
Employees are required to brush off their show and tell skills
“Once a group of new starters have commenced employment, the company chairman (Gordon Bethell) and CEO (Gareth Healey) host a lunch, where each person attends with a ‘visual CV’,” she said.

“CreativeRace give each new starter a visual CV template before the lunch, which includes statements such as ‘this is me’. ‘my jobs before CreativeRace’, ‘who in life do you most admire’, ‘what makes you laugh’, ‘what are your ambitions’ etc.

“Each person must illustrate the questions/statements with images or photographs, words aren’t allowed! Each person – including the chairman and CEO – take turns to present their own visual CV.

“This allows the new staff members and heads of company to get to know each other on a more personal level, away from the busy office environment.”

So there you have it. Staff welcome packs needn’t be mundane. Just how does your company’s compare to the ones we found?

Whatever it’s like, make sure you keep it clear of these corporate buzzwords.

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