Start the week with year-end misery

1 Mins

It’s the first (inevitably foul) full day of collating all the year-end information. Since I am sticking my nose in, finding so many stupid, incompetent mistakes, by lunchtime I’m at total screaming pitch. Why, oh why, oh why do people not do things properly in the first place? Several staff off sick. All of them denying they have swine flu as that would delay them coming back to work and, of course, they don’t get paid sick leave. No doubt they will all trickle back early and spread what germs they have. Am further delayed by customer wanting the impossible. Had my lot been just a bit more switched on and thought on their tiny little feet, situation could have been avoided.   Supposedly going to Destination Growth tomorrow, which I really wanted to go to – especially as have been drawn for the Q&A with Lord Sugar. Looks less and less likely I’ll be able to go. 

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