Stay sane as an entrepreneur in seven steps – a guide from a psychiatrist-cum-business owner

(5) Burnout syndrome – recognise the signs

We are all human and there is a limit, mentally and physically to what we can achieve and how far we can push ourselves. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that you have gone too far but ignoring it and continuing to plough ahead will damage your health and business.

As an entrepreneur you are not above the health advice surrounding sleep, diet, nutrition and exercise that applies to everyone else.

(6) Learn the power of intrinsic motivation – the best way to motivate staff

Having clarity about what drives you to get up in the morning helps to generate a mission for your company. Staff will look you in the eye for guidance and reassurance.

Countless studies show that employees are motivated by a sense of purpose and collaboration and that instilling this is far more powerful that monetary incentives or haranguing.

(7) Don’t be a hero – no one will think you are and you’ll start to feel resentful

Setting a good example is one thing, but being a martyr where you spend more time in the office alone than with your team is unlikely to bear fruit. Relinquish control and empower your staff by sharing your expertise and stretching your team to meet attainable goals.

Being a hero isn’t sustainable and it isn’t going to help you succeed long term.

We’ve all seen organisations and empires collapse, and often, a sociopath or two is responsible – do you have one in your employment?

Dr Jamie Wilson is the founder of HomeTouch, an online platform that connects families to affordable care.

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