Stephen Fitzpatrick

Name: Stephen Fitzpatrick 

Age: 34 

Company: Ovo Energy. We’re a Gloucestershire-based independent energy supplier challenging the status quo by offering a fresh perspective in a competitive market cheaper, greener, simpler energy.

Turnover: ?80m

First job: My first job was in my dad’s business. I transferred potatoes from small bags into big bags! 

Dream job: Formula One driver 

Car: Volvo XC90 

Economy, business or first class: Economy 

Most extravagant purchase: An electricity supply licence at a cost of £200,000. 

Most played song on iPod: Adele’s ?Rolling in the Deep? 

Best business book: Winning by Jack Welch 

Worst business moment: I had a business idea to sell flowers but ended up buying 1,800 roses and only managed to sell 200. After that I decided that it would be better to start a business that didn?t sell anything perishable! 

Proudest business moment: When Ovo reached 5,000 customers! That was the breakeven point for us. After that, we started making a profit. 

Business mentor: I?m yet to find a mentor but history has been a great guide. 

Next big thing: The next big thing will be for energy companies to earn the trust of consumers again! We’re doing what we can help to improve the energy market so consumers have more trust, control and input. 

Ovo Energy won the Young Company of the Year gong at the 2011 Growing Business Awards.

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