Stephen Fry backs Pushnote

Stephen Fry, the actor, presenter, author and technophile, has invested in British startup Pushnote, a web messaging service.

Pushnote allows people to post comments on any website through a web browser add-on. Pushnote also enables people to follow where their friends comment, Twitter-style.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Stephen Fry used his Twitter fan base to promote the business. “You might like to try my new baby [Pushnote]. Hope you like it. Makes the web one big democratic comment platform,” he tweeted.

In a bid to avoid alienating his Twitter fans, Stephen Fry added: “It’s especially important to us that it doesn’t involve tracking users, storing or selling on any single bit of data about their presence and that there are no monetisation plans. It’s all about creating a community.” 

Stephen Fry later wrote: “Fully aware that some will think I’m using twitter 2 enrich myself. Nothing I can say will dissuade so I leave it 2 u to think as you think.”

Stephen Fry has not disclosed his shareholding in Pushnote.

Although the deal is Stephen Fry’s first venture as an internet investor, he is an avid fan of new technologies. He was the second person to receive an Apple Macintosh in the UK (after writer Douglas Adams) and has some two million Twitter followers (more than the combined circulations of the Times, Independent, Guardian and Financial Times newspapers!).

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