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Stimulate your mind and backside with Formula 1 tested LimbIC Intelligent chair

For starters, if you want to know all about how the LimbIC Intelligent chair started life, then a Financial Times article on how to spend your money has it covered especially when it comes to its Formula 1 (F1) testing phase.

It explained: ?F1 drivers” seats are not renowned for comfort they are barely seats as we know them. In F1, grams cost thousands to shave off, and driver comfort seems almost an afterthought, with seat design focused on the body-machine interface, putting drivers in the best position to ‘feel’ the car. They end up sitting-cum-lying on a plate of carbon fibre; even a bit of foam padding tends to be regarded as a weight extravagance.

A degree of comfort may be on the cards, however, for the drivers on one team at least: Infiniti Red Bull Racing. An unconventional carbon-fibre, Kevlar (a high-strength material first used in the 1970s as a replacement for steel in tires) and aircraft-grade aluminium chair invented by a Swiss doctor and neuroscientist is being assessed by Infiniti, the team’s vehicle performance partner, as both a training aid and a source of design inspiration in road cars.


You can start to see then why the LimbIC Intelligent chair is so pricy, retailing at ?8,000 that’s right, it’s now available as an office chair! But that’s not the only claim to fame it has.

Doctor Patrik K?nzler created it to stimulate the emotional center of the brain the limbic system in order to connect energy and focus. Essentially, it’s a chair that makes you more productive and creative. It’s the product of a ton of research into ergonomics and neuroscience, K?nzler’s love of cars and his study of medicine all integrated into one.

Of course, he himself describes his journey toward product creation best:

Most of all, however, the LimbIC Intelligent chair is supposed to support your back one of the key reasons why K?nzler made it available to offices. It would certainly go a long way given that almost 31m days of work are lost a year due to back pain.

Buying such a chair for a client would ensure their comfort though they would need to get over the way it looks first.

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