Stop ignoring Twitter and join the fun

Last week marked the world’s 10 billionth ?tweet?. That’s right, since launching in 2006, users have posted over 10,000,000,000 140-character messages.

But why should you use Twitter” Surely it’s just a gimmick that will quickly die away” Mark Shaw, the UK’s third most followed person, disagrees.

“It’s not about selling it’s about supporting, engaging and sharing,” he explains. Having that approach to it is how you’re going to benefit.

Speaking at an event in Swansea yesterday, Shaw admitted that although he’d initially dismissed the network as complete nonsense , he quickly became obsessed with its potential after noticing how popular TV presenter Stephen Fry’s tweets were.

At that moment I became obsessed by it, and Twitter is now my business.

The numbers are truly astounding:

  • There are now 75m active Twitter accounts in operation across the world; and
  • Every day these users post 50m tweets
There are also compelling reasons why businesses should join the social network:

  • Every day, a total of 20 per cent of all tweets (i.e. 10m tweets every day) contain a reference to a brand; and
  • 57 of the FTSE 100 companies are now on Twitter – surely they can’t all be wrong?
“You can use Twitter to demonstrate your expertise and your knowledge to build your ability and credibility,” continues Shaw. Twitter is about real people talking about real stuff in real time and right now.

So instead of just ignoring Twitter, maybe you should give it a shot have a look at Twitter’s guide for businesses, and see what it could do for your brand.

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